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Archive newsletter 2005
Unitec D UNITEC GmbH
Newsletter nº53 - 30/June/2005

China is near.

Unitec launches Chinese language version of the Internet site (

It's a new important initiative for the conquest of a market that it sees to grow every day the number of persons who use the Internet services.

China claims the world's second-largest number of internet users after the United States and had 94 million web users at the end of last year.
It is expected to grow to 134 million by the end of 2005.

Unitec exports already from more than 2 years technical products and industrial spare parts to Chinese companies and wishes, with this initiative, to approach better to this large market.

To complete this initiative Unitec has assumed and trained Chinese personal in order to guarantee technical and trades support.
Also the European Unitec customers can use this relationship with Chinese companies and "try" to find useful products in this enormous market!


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