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Archive newsletter 2003
Unitec D UNITEC GmbH
Newsletter nº36 - 17/september/2003
New thesis on the Unitec case presented at the University of Augsburg in Germanyand rewarded with the best note.


In the last years the employment figures developed indirectly proportionally to each other different industrial enterprise ranges: While the number of workers sank, the number of employees is increased.
"behind this tendency puts a problem, which most enterprises recognized, but not to against-steer can. The administration structure was modernized in the comparison to production too little.
Both use resources however contrary to the production, which creates an increase in value for the enterprise, reduce the administration the increase in value.

Each reduction of the increase in value is a net yield loss, which can be avoided by rationalization of the administrative processes.
Today we have the means to arrange the administrative activities efficient and to reduce their costs at the same time.
These means are information automation in the office activities, and the outsourcing of the processes and in particular the procurement, the predominant portion of the administrative structure represented

The necessity for enterprises to save administrative costs without their purchase power, their know-how and the speed of their expirations thereby are impaired, leads to the question whether the procurement activities could not be organized externally by a specialized Services Company better and more efficiently.
Thus the problem of a Make or Buy decision faces many managers also in the procurement area. So far above all production was affected by such decision problems, today makes itself companies also about the organization of their procurement structure thought. If e.g. the coworkers are not working at full capacity, one thinks immediately of personnel reduction.

In point times however one would adjust gladly further coworkers, who must to be trained however and time needed, until they become productive.
Therefore a flexible structure is desirable also in the procurement.
Whether an outsourcing of the achievements and products belonging to the procurement is possible the ideal solution, is to be examined in this work.
This analysis is thus for the understanding of the possible effects of the paging of the procurement on the business cost structure and important for the identification of the pro and cons of such a outsourcing decision.


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